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Connecting and Amplifying Voices of Youth Building Peace in Nigeria

Book Cover: Connecting and Amplifying Voices of Youth Building Peace in Nigeria

While some have argued about the level of youth participation in violence resulting in negative labels, stereotypes and problematic programming responses which ultimately limits young people’s agency, there is growing evidence to show that young people have been involved in and remain an untapped resource for sustainable peace and development.

The adoption of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2250 on youth, peace and security in 2015 and the subsequent resolution 2419 and 2535 now give legitimacy and recognition to the significant role and works of young people in promoting global peace and security.

Nevertheless, there remains a critical gap in information on the activities young people are implementing across communities especially in Nigeria. The significance of these efforts needs to be emphasised as they continue to work for peace using innovative ways that are far beyond imagination with huge impacts.


‘Connecting and Amplifying Voices of Youth Building Peace in Nigeria’ seeks to profile and highlight the works and contributions of selected youth peace organisations drawn from communities in Nigeria to peacebuilding which have hitherto received limited recognition by giving them a space to tell the world their success stories, challenges and how they are overcoming these challenges in the midst of glaring socio-economic and political realities.