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19 OCTOBER 2020


The Nigeria Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security (NCYPS) has monitored closely the ongoing development around the #EndSars movement in Nigeria which has resulted in peaceful protests across the country, in demands for an end to police brutality and reforms. We note that these demands underpin the imperatives of holistic transformation of the multiplicity of socio-economic and political issues plaguing Nigeria to create a peaceful and prosperous nation that is collectively desired and deserved.

We salute the doggedness, courage, commitment and resilience of youths of Nigeria to utilize a peaceful approach to express these grievances within the armpits of the law with a view to provoking desired changes especially in terms of the long term socio-economic and political marginalization, unlawful policing and human rights violations meted out on young men and women. We particularly commend the level of organisation, mobilisation, peacefulness and responsibility exhibited thus far by protesters in demanding for a better Nigeria.

We note that the protests are well-intentioned and the demands are legitimate and valid. As such, in tandem with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999), we underscore that the right to protest is a fundamental human right and therefore condemn any attempt to use force against protesters, a development that may escalate the situation and instigate violence and injustice. We, therefore, urged the Federal Government of Nigeria and all concerned stakeholders to be responsive to these demands and act concretely.

In this context, we note that open dialogue alone will end the current imbroglio and save Nigeria from the imminent socio-economic and political consequences if protests persist and are infiltrated. Hence, there is a need for rigorous engagement and understanding between both parties.

We strongly encourage the selection of 12 youth representatives by the protesters, two from each of the six (6) geo-political zones to engage in the dialogue and promote the consolidation of the achievements that have been recorded thus far. These youth representatives will continue to engage the government and their respective constituencies to find lasting solutions to the micro and macro challenges confronting young people and the nation at large

At this point, Nigeria’s relative peace and stability is sacrosanct and must be preserved. All protests must, however, remain peaceful.

God bless the Youths of Nigeria

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Signed on behalf;

Achievers Innovative Advocates International Foundation, Lagos
Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative
Angel Support Foundation, Benue State
Building Blocks for Peace Foundation, Ibadan
Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative, Ilorin
Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development, Abuja
Centre for the Defense of Human Rights and Democracy in Africa
Community Development Initiatives, Ogun State
Conflict-Free Nation, Abuja Nigeria
CORAFID Centre for Innovation and Research, Benue State
Children and Youth Awareness Development Foundation, Akure
Eagle Lead Development Initiative Zamfara & Kaduna State
Geonita Initiative for Women & Child Development
Godthem City Peace Initiative, Shongom Lga Gombe State
Hope Inspired Foundation for Women And Youth: Lagos Nigeria
Ladies Empowerment Goals and Support Initiative, Kaduna
Leadworld Leadership Initiative, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
National Volunteer Group Covid-19, Ogun State
New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, Jos
Peace Actor Network, Akwa Ibom State
Peace Education And Practice Network
Rightworld Foundation, Abuja
Rugged Steps Foundation For African Youth Development, Port Harcourt
United Religions Initiative (URI), Abuja
Youth Initiative Against Violence & Human Rights Abuse, Plateau State
Youth & Aids Initiative Africa – Abuja
Youth Advancement Initiatives, Ogun State
The Youth Evolve Nigeria

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