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Highlight of Resources on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS)

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If I disappear: Global reporting on protecting young people in civic space.

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The missing peace: independent progress study on youth and peace and security

UN Plan of Action to prevent violent extremism

UNOY (2005) What is good Youth Peace Work?

UNOY (2014) 25 Stories for Peace.

 UNOY (2015) Youth Impact for Peace: Monitoring Evaluation and Learning in 6 European Countries.

UNOY (2019) Mapping the Progress of Youth, Peace and Security in Europe

UNOY (2019) Youth for Peace Training Toolkit

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Yiaga Africa (2019) How Youth Fared in the 2019 Election

Youth, COVID-19 and Violent Extremism: Let’s Be Proactive.  Published on April 3, 2020

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