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COVID19 has brought disruptions and the creation of a ‘new normal’. Beyond the obvious health consequences of millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of casualties, it has affected every sector including the economy, education, agriculture and travel. States in the Global South are prone to experience more challenges in the post-COVID-19 era due to weak institutions, dependent economies and potential for violent conflict.

Peacebuilding in Nigeria is more important then ever going forward. The pandemic has destroyed means of livelihoods, dragged more people below the poverty line and seen gross human rights abuses in attempts to enforce lockdowns. Public responses have varied widely with some states challenging the federal government directives while Nigeria’s healthcare system has been driven to breaking point. Conflict-ravaged states such as Borno have seen high numbers of infections which threaten to undo the peacebuilding gains over the last 10 years of the insurgency. Peacebuilders must step in to help but adapt to a socially distant future that is heavily dependent on virtual interactions.

Building Blocks for Peace Foundation in partnership with the West African Network for Peacebuilding Nigeria (WANEP-Nigeria) and Peace Initiative Network invites you to the webinar titled COVID-19: The Future of Peacebuilding in Nigeria on 19 May 2020 by 11 a.m West African Time.

Peacebuilding experts would discuss salient issues projected to arise in Nigeria as well as best practices for practitioners to adapt as we navigate these uncertain times.

Zoom meeting link

Password: 5Wy9HB