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1. Nigeria Youth 4 Peace Initiative (NGY4P)

Nigeria Youth 4 Peace Initiative (NY4PI) is a youth-led movement of youth and youth groups working towards establishing peaceful societies in Nigeria. Though this, we facilitate capacity development, support advocacy work and foster empowerment of youth led organisations. Members of this initiative share experiences from various peacebuilding interventions; discuss peace initiatives across culture; network with like-minded youth working on preventing violent conflicts and extremism; and campaign for the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 in Nigeria.

2. Coalition on Youth, Peace, and Security 

The Coalition on Youth, Peace and Security is designed to bring together a wide constituency of civil society organizations, including youth-led and youth-focused organizations, UN entities, donors, academia, media and inter-governmental bodies for the advancement of the youth, peace and security agenda in Nigeria. This coalition provides overall guidance and support to the growing community of practice on youth, peace and security (YPS) and coordinate ways to translate UNSCR 2250 and other policy frameworks into practice; improve and amplify evidence-based practice; support and advocate for young people’s meaningful participation in peace and security efforts in Nigeria.

3. Young and Accountability Governance through Social Media (YAGSOM)

This project is aimed at combining the enormous power and potentials of Nigeria’s active youth population and politically-charged social media to promote accountability in governance. The main objective of the project is to maximize the use of social media by youth to advance the cause of governance accountability by streamlining and structuring issues in such a manner that will ensure informed engagement by youth, with the aim of effecting sustainable impacts and positive results.

4. Strengthening Capacities of Nigerian Youths for Peace through Intercultural Dialogue and Forum for Inter-Ethnic Relations

It focuses on fostering open communication and intercultural learning among young people from diverse cultural background through activities like national youth dialogue forum, training of youth leaders, advocacy missions, social media campaigns, etc.

5. Naija Peace Talks

The Naija Peace Talks is an innovation that seek to take advantage of the media to shape the conversation on youth, peace, security and development in Nigeria. This initiative will engage relevant stakeholders from politicians, academia, youth leaders, women leaders, security agents and traditional rulers on emerging issues of concerns and leverage on their power and influence to call for peace and dialogue.

"It is not enough to talk about peace, one must believe in it.
It is not enough to believe in it one must work for it." -
Eleanor Roosvelt


BBFORPEACE began as a movement of young people who are dissatisfied with the increasing participation of young people in violent extremism caused largely by the massive socioeconomic and political deprivation in their communities, and the subsequent exclusion of youth from the negotiating table and the decision making process and were committed to advocating for the meaningful and effective engagement of youth in the peacebuilding process in Nigeria..

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 256, 1st Avenue, FHA, Lugbe Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

 +234-8054151494, +234-8036473893